Scope of services
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Scope of services

Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

1, first   disassembly free air conditioning design;  

b   free delivery in specified areas, lifting for free;  

c   air conditioning disassembly punch for free (except for special wall);

d   free home air conditioning Assembly and disassembly (does not include rent, hoists, cutting security net, air switch is not available);

⑸   Shanghai air conditioning free of charge within one year of purchase entry, (does not include transportation, customer number transfer machine

materials, hoists)

Services   air conditioning disassembly free fluorine filling in once a year;

⑺ air-conditioning disassembly free cleaning and maintenance once a year;

2, air conditioning disassembly may be involved and charges for:

⑴   air conditioning disassembly people appointment delivery beyond the 45 days or more, charge 5 Yuan per day storage fee.

b   transit fees, residential door customer care, exurban counties bus fare back and forth to bear the air-conditioning disassembly people.

c   air conditioning result of delivery, Assembly and disassembly, unopened packaging, machines, no quality problems return be liable for secondary shipping costs 20 Yuan.

d   high walk-up customers, shall provide air conditioning in Shanghai or pay a handling fee of disassembly and Assembly personnel.

⑸   air conditioning is not responsible for removal and protection on disassembly network, without a ladder, wooden cabinets are not punched, no glass, no power cord, cut fence 15 (is not responsible for the restoration), contact the professional air conditioning Assembly and disassembly work was carried out.

Services   air conditioning tubes outside the disassembly and Assembly, extra long tube 1-1.5P:70/m 2P:80/m, 2.5-3P:100/m, 5P:110/m.

⑺   air hoist disassembly and Assembly charges: 1-1.5P:120/set, 2P:150/set, 2.5-3P:200/set; 5P:230/set.

h   brick walls perforated free (wall thickness, load-bearing wall, impact drills cannot be excluded), reinforced concrete walls punched 50 Yuan/month, diamond drilling 50 Yuan each (without destroying the stamped tiles).

⑼   insulation of the room, air conditioning Assembly and disassembly the customer is required to pay the cost of using the longer screws.

we solemnly promise, all air conditioning entry fees and charges, not than any other Mall, please monitor.


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