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Residential moving Feng Shui research

&Nbsp;   is a traditional country, China, Feng Shui is the Chinese traditional culture, the Feng Shui of home also plays a very important role in the move, not only beautiful, but also reasonable, but pay attention to too many of Feng Shui, officials say a few household taboo;
1, taboo: If you terrace is on the door or the kitchen, blinds can be pulled as a block for a long time. Access door to the position not being on the balcony, which formed the so-called "thrust", is not easy to gather, and bankruptcy matters.
2, taboo: balcony or kitchen, this is a "thrust", will make the reunion of the family weakens, wife husband having an affair, cheating, but children don't like coming home.
3, under the couches around the beam, you can let the ceiling move to block the rush power; couch and bed can not be placed at the bottom of the beam, and used couches and beds for a long time, and physical ailments.
Hits 4, taboo taboo water, should not be placed in a fish bowl, is not as external recognition, provided that the Aquarium Moss. Live elements like cream shall be clearly, there are special taboo and should be avoided.

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