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Pipe leak smell causes-

1, leaking pipes: If pipes and fittings does not have quality problems, we introduce causes of cold water and hot water pipe leakage.
&Nbsp;   2, cold water pipe leakage is generally easy to understand, is the pipes and fittings joining seal is not properly done.
&Nbsp;   3, hot water pipe leaks among seals are not doing things, others may seal material is unsuitable.
&Nbsp;   4, flow of small reasons: plumbing construction, links to the whole line, saw-good to see that water over the thread if the thread is too long, join pipes into fittings (elbows) too deep, it will cause a smaller flow cross section, the water flow is small.
&Nbsp;   5, hose burst. Join most of the pipeline supervisor to ware using coiled hose. If poor quality hose or plumber install put the hoses feel well, likely to cause stress concentration, not long after time will cause the hose burst.
&Nbsp;   6, toilet water overflow. Because the base grooves when installing the toilet area no greasy son seals, flush from the gaps between the base and the ground when overflowing sewage.

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