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Owners must know the moving tips and considerations

Shenzhen red ants moving company is specializing in moving, transportation, services of private enterprises. Business can engage in all kinds of complex lifting, handling, air conditioning maintenance, also engage in numerous schools, factories, institutions, enterprises, institutions and citizens to move and transport support services.
Moving tips:
1: moving packing tips: classification of bowls, plates, cups, then classification packing. Category Boxing Boxing not only high efficiency, again when used out of the box easy to finish. Bowls, plates, cups, one by one, wrapped in newspapers, such as package or multiple packages together, it could cause the collision friction damages. In front of the into the vessel, should be bunched up into a paper newspaper, placed in the bottom of the box to serve as a buffer. Finally, put the plates in the box below, was placed in the box upper upside down Cup, Bowl.
2, moving packing tips scattered items from large, heavy start in, top half should be put light items.
3, moving clothes packing tips when you use cardboard boxes, to the principle of not crumpled clothes, sizes sizes larger than the clothes folded at the bottom. In chest drawer order packing slip right out of the box as a convenience when finishing.
4, moving packing tips sheets, pillows and other bedding, folded large cloth bags or large plastic bag on the direct, pull tight seal, no large bags, you can use old sheets packages. Inside the shroud not breakable, so as not to accidentally broke.
5, moving tips moving day dress with safe and convenient as a criterion, it is best to wear long sleeves and long pants, do not wear dresses, do not wear slippers, sandals and high heels so as not to scratch or sprain.
6, and moved security trick has child of family best first will children sent go or trustee care; particularly beware glass, and tool, sharp of items; in workers moved large items Shi, and they keep a distance; told workers to particularly carefully those precious electrical and furniture, items; arrangements easy broken or fear pressure of items should last loading, and first discharge; reminded everyone more carefully, don't met neighborhood of things.
1. put all the boxes are labeled. Fragile labels "fragile items"
2. loading the weights. Separated from that weight, so that each box is not too heavy, such as books.
3. the clothes on the cover with plastic sheeting to prevent dust, moisture-proof.
4. put inside a special box of glassware. STAND ON END plate, not flat. Use tape or foam packing material to protect glass mirrors, glass boxes, paintings or the art of dressing up. In the course of transport, moving company likely will not take responsibility for packaging items were lost.

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