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Moving bar coding technology and its application

&Nbsp;    bar code technology is the application of computer practice and the development of an automatic identification technology. It is designed to achieve automatic scanning for information. It is effective means of achieving fast, accurate and reliable data. Application of bar code technology solves bottleneck in the data entry and data collection, and provided strong technical support for supply chain management. Application of bar code technology supply chain management model. &Nbsp;

of barcode technology offers us a moving item identification and description method by means of automatic identification technologies, systems, and other modern technology, enterprises can always learn more about the location of the products in the supply chain, and immediate response. Has risen in the developed countries of today's automatic continuous replenishment strategy supply chain management, without the application of bar code technology. Bar code is the system of supply chain management, e-commerce, technology, is moving modern management, improve enterprise management level and an important means of competition.  

Shenzhen Futian company barcode are an important part of the bar code, it not only provides a reliable code in the context of the international system, and provides a common language for trade links, laid the groundwork for EDI and e-commerce. Therefore, the moving company barcode standard in promoting information technology industry of Shenzhen and modernization processes and supply chain management will play an invaluable role in the process.  

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