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Move why is there pollution

Knowledgeable people will know this is a very simple question, because although it is harmful, but the essential materials in the material is moved. For example, formaldehyde, which is the essential thing in glues, without formaldehyde, glue is not sticky. Benzene and TVOC were the same way. Only radioactive marble is different, it is natural that as long as they are natural marble radioactive, radioactive sizes. For moving after the pollution is very serious is not a definitive answer, it depends on what you are used to move materials, moving process, moving design complexity.
&Nbsp;  for the same cost of an indoor moving project, after completion of indoor environmental quality determines whether the move worthwhile. Even unique, beautiful and comfortable, reasonably priced moving works, if indoor environmental contamination after moving, consumers are not staying properly. Indoor environmental pollution control of light you will need to increase investment, losses caused by missed deadlines and disputes, you will need to remove to change, resulting in heavy losses. Even more serious is that if consumers live in a dirty room, may also affect the health and safety of you and your family, resulting in mental, physical, and chemists and other losses. Says moving safety and environmental protection the most cost-effective.
&Nbsp;  owners question: I did not smell the pungent odor, how will exceed it?   Formaldehyde exceeds 3 times when the usually smell pungent, when you smell the pungent odor has exceeded 4 to 8 times more than enough to make you and your family to be hurt. The smell of gas is more terror, because you unknowingly poisoning, when discovered, it was too late ... ... Especially in the summer, the temperature is high, the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is high also, close the Windows and doors are open air, indoor air cannot flow with the outside world, harmful substances will accumulate and harm is greater. And everyone has a different sense of harmful gases such as formaldehyde. A woman surnamed Zhang, because of pregnancy, sensitive to formaldehyde, while the master bedroom test results only 0.10 ㎎/㎡ (standard), but she still felt a back bedroom was uncomfortable, his throat dry, scratchy throat, fatigue. Before he she prefers sleeping in well ventilated halls to bed and bedroom. We do not rule out her own psychological effect, said this is enough to prove that each person's response to formaldehyde and other harmful substances are not the same.

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