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Handling printer how to prevent leaking ink

&Nbsp;  for 100% customer's trust, designed with reliable external cartridge based on the Epson original ink cartridge for l series moving risk in transport, specially configured guests with transport lock can simply rotate the transport lock, you can prevent ink leaks. With these two designs, users can be completely at ease in handling, moving and transportation lock when using the products rotate to print icon, you can make very easy to print out.
&Nbsp;  as modified CISS ink transfer pipe long and free, so when the printer head cleaning, but also greatly increase the production of the waste ink, waste ink pad full easily. And, even for pressure imbalance in the system will cause the ink from leaking out into the waste ink pad, in this State for a long time, ink would accumulate and leaking out even into the table, giving users a headache.
&Nbsp;  due to modified of even for cartridge is airborne came in, forced plus to of, handling up is hard! many user complained, even for not for far distance of handling, even is more short distance of handling also need user carefully, main is even for cartridge of location bad placed, due to even for cartridge no fixed live, in moved process in the extremely easy fell off occurred damaged, and if once even for cartridge location below or above within cartridge, caused pressure not stable, extremely easy caused return and the leak ink phenomenon To make the printer fails, while leaking ink or likely to cause pollution of the environment.

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