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Truck accident lover get moving

&Nbsp;    35 Lu Ming, aged or desirable the Greek Cypriot people in Jiangxi, he bought a truck in henggang Shenzhen stall along the building, sometimes moving companies pull in Shenzhen, sometimes also helped pull the factory, if indeed there's nothing to do when helping people move move, a year can make 450,000 yuan. August 30, 2010 the day Lu Ming仸 from henggang moving to Guangzhou to work, as long as cars, not people, high-speed fare is 1200 Yuan. High speed on the way back from Guangzhou in Pacific Highway bumped into a man, because of the fear of heart, no parking, drive away. Pacific Highway Police immediately according to vehicle registration data, found a Lu Ming仸 home.   To Lu Ming仸 home, police found, Luming or desirable at home, while Lu Ming仸 's wife, Zhou Min was moving.   Min Zhou frankly told police, her husband telephoned this morning, he said he was driving struck and killed a man, and told her to be ready to move right now.   Min Zhou said he also persuaded her husband to surrender over the phone.   Min Zhou said, will help the police to persuade her husband to surrender.   However, the min Zhou and Lu Ming or desirable have gone since, and police could no longer contact them.

        Lu Ming仸 restaurant in Shenzhen after a year was caught on June 20 this year, the police through technological means, Lu Ming仸 stay in Shenzhen are locked.   Police investigators found, appear in Shenzhen longhua Lu Ming仸, manholes and other places, and a phone number that Lu Ming仸 have appeared in a restaurant in Shenzhen. &Nbsp;2009 on June 30, Pacific Highway Police Brigade sent to Shenzhen, and squat in the restaurant. &Nbsp;2009 on July 2, a little after 10 o'clock in the morning, Lu Ming仸 finally appeared in the restaurant, the police, assisted by local police, Li Jie captured successfully.   Lu Ming仸 after seeing the police appeared, and there was no resistance, but calmly said knew this was coming.   At present, the case is under further investigation.   Police reminder   pedestrian not on the highway Pacific Highway Traffic Police warned that pedestrians are not on the highway, highway traffic volume is large, driving too fast and pedestrians at high speed can easily lead to accidents.   The police also said that Lu Ming or desirable without escaping it, is not liable to criminal responsibility, but because of the escape, he will be held criminally responsible.


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