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People ask why you want to move

Why you want to move, to tell the truth the whole moving process is very annoying, moving to arrange items, boxed packaging, placement and planning after moving, finally came back to overcome. New Office has also some disadvantages, such as fluorescent lights at the top of my desk and keep on flashing, basically not bright condition, such as a two-room door lock has not changed, for example, we need the Cabinet has not moved up, such as rows of nets are exposed to the outside, and so on.   Why do you want to move, good moving company specific analysis in Shenzhen is the cause of these 3 factors move:

1 is a kind of nostalgia, alert, resistance to new things. A status meeting, and fears of a fresh environment; 2 is inert: do not want to move, there is clearly an element of trouble. Technology Department Xu said this afternoon: moving home is not easy. I said yes, and who had to want to move Ah; 3 is always greener: now, when placed in right after we moved, feel this new environment is good, two rooms, more spacious, this is satisfactory. Of course, we are not tired and old, but new to say the least.


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