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Moving industry-how far is the formal development-

&Nbsp;     how to move the industry in Shenzhen, the healthy development of the market, is the subject of a decision facing. In this economic cycle, feedback needs interest concessions, this balance is not a moment of conscience, it needs to break through on system design. Fundamentally solve the moving company benefits distribution chain, this coexistence and common prosperity of the community of interests, you need to open up a ' Resurrection ' new approaches to economic. Scraping involves compensation, but such cases are rare. If Shenzhen moving company really doesn't give you compensation, invoice no use, rather than oral deliberation. Many people also tend to believe that the moving company said oral commitments, but in the process of moving when faced with complaints to the authorities, often due to lack of evidence but could not be found the support of law enforcement authorities and the courts.

        today, as prices rise, the moving company's actual monthly costs are increasing, including rent, utilities, gas prices are rising, this has also increased the company's operating costs, Futian, Shenzhen moving company and after deducting costs such as personnel expenses, moving company profits have been minimal. So while Golden movers than in more than 10 years ago, a substantial increase in the number, but the trend of the overall decline in the quality of the service.

      to move industry out of the mess of trouble, first standardized management, improve service quality, greater support and supervision by the relevant government departments and raise trade barriers, gradually developed to move the healthy and orderly development of the industry. As Shenzhen Nanshan moving company should strive to improve their overall quality, staff training, to provide customers with a full range of services, prices can also be increased, as long as the service, credit promotion, brand, consumers will spend more money buy this idea, good value for money.


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