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Looking forward to moving special models issued

&Nbsp;      normal circumstances, compared to diesel vehicles with petrol vehicles, diesel vehicles with long service life, low fuel consumption characteristics, while gasoline vehicle fuel consumption and higher. Diesel cars are 12 per hundred kilometers, petrol vehicles are 17 per hundred kilometers. Shenzhen moving company mainly use a gasoline car, Bell, bells, light era, JAC, liberation of the small, Yue Jin and other brands of vehicles. The main reason is lower gasoline prices than diesel, diesel per vehicle of about 120,000, and the price of gasoline is about about 70,000. Shenzhen moving services, we want to improve the quality of services to meet customer needs for mission. But in operation in the appeared of all problem, like single row seat of truck loaded of things more, but cab only do 2 a people, people sat more has police caught has to fine, double row seat of truck can sat 6 a people, however things loaded have compared less, this situation directly effect to we of service image, we company is hope can has effective of measures to improved this was headache of problem. Many moving customers also are aware of the problem.

  for moving cars, did not apply to the moving industry in Shenzhen used cars. 80 Japan Sagawa logistics companies using models, according to this characteristic of this kind of car is underneath the cab front tires, back tires little, so that the chassis is low, moving things to the car is easier, and reduces the energy cost of workers. This special car use, both fuel economy and power, buying cheap and long service life. We very much hope to have such a move industry in particular uses models to appear, but no one cares about this matter.


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