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Insurance may breed great mischief: movers stolen gas valve-

&Nbsp;      2012 19th, Ken source district, Shenzhen danyuanlou tenants move the expiration of the lease. In this process, a mover sees natural gas pipeline in the brass valves, heart of greed, shoplifting discharge down. Move over, homeowners are not back to the House to see the situation in a timely manner. Then, from around 5:30 P.M. day, the rent went on a leaking natural gas, until the 19th, two o'clock in the afternoon and half neighbor discovery to police. &Nbsp;

         Vice manager Chen Yulin, new gas company reported to police to take urgent measures to turn off the gas valve switch, notification properties cut off power supply, then the owner here, we had to wait for more than an hour to get into the House and found is remove gas valve, also informed the charge to verify gas, 80 was found leaking natural gas. If there was a man with a fire or turn on the power, immediately ban la exploded in this building, the consequences and no one dared imagine. A copper gas valves to market won't be able to sell a few dollars, but it supposed to move narrowly averted disaster. Because tenants have left, movers have no confirmation. Eventually, the homeowner in addition to price compensation for loss of leaking natural gas, buying replacement outside the security control equipment, also accepted the safety supervision Department of the corresponding punishment.


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