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HSBC Chief to move to Hong Kong

&Nbsp;      HSBC Chief Executive, moved to Hong Kong in order to promote business growth in Asia, must be resident in Hong Kong. The HSBC global focus shifted from the West to the East of a deployment, focusing on--it is the gateway to China, Hong Kong, Asia's dominant financial center. HSBC headquarters are still located in the United Kingdom, accept the United Kingdom's regulation, but this is a three-year review of that status will be reviewed next year.

      located in Stephen Green HSBC Hong Kong headquarter building 34-storey office, HSBC outlined the following strategies: to retake Hong Kong investment banking head spot, match its status in the personal and business banking, and regard Hong Kong as a springboard into mainland China. We want to stress once again that HSBC is the best bank in Hong Kong, we will further development with the development of the region. Our Asian business will be an important part of future business. "Mr Geoghegan in Hong Kong and enhance the HSBC Hong Kong, Mr Peter WONG, who is responsible for the local business, is deemed to be China's charm offensive launched by the Government. HSBC is keen to become the first foreign company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange--may be just a few months later. Main office relocated to Hong Kong, Chief Executive of HSBC decided that will be warmly received by the Chinese and low-key welcome. HSBC's move also could force people who want to expand their China operations executives of global companies to rethink their residence.

        HSBC Chief Executive, said: this will make us become more normal in terms of corporate governance. In recent months, HSBC Chief Executive Officer used his free time to write a book about the financial crisis in history and moral context of the book, but he denied that he intended to retire any time soon.


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