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Houzhu of hazardous chemicals, the East China Sea to move primary

&Nbsp;      Donghai Zhu of hazardous chemicals after moving enterprises is the main reason: Houzhu ferry terminal with Houzhu petroleum storage tank area and associated Terminal adjacent to the passenger in potential danger. In addition, petroleum, petrochemical tank breathing and terminal handling, there are a variety of organic waste gas distribution, migratory birds is sensitive to scents of peach blossom mountain mountains preserve, would have a negative impact, may cause Habitat of migratory birds fly from the maintenance area. In addition, petroleum, petrochemical storage tanks and supporting piers, there are leaks of possible oil or petrochemicals into Luoyang River waters, rapidly expanding film against nearby mangrove growth. With the accelerated pace of the central urban area of Quanzhou city, East, Fengze district and the relevant government officials say. Made in a rural suburb of Tokai group, will quickly become the new administrative service center in Quanzhou city, and gradually developed into a modern residential, business, commercial finance, culture and leisure, travel services and other functions of modern service industry cluster district. Due to historical reasons and geographical conditions, Tokai group currently 9 production, storage of hazardous chemicals enterprises, has not adapted to the development of East China Sea Group. BACK

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