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Friend move: what will you give a gift

Relatives and friends to buy a House has moved to a new House, you should prepare to send what presents? Here, I would recommend, for reference of friends:

a high-grade tank, preferably a few goldfish, elegance of traditional gifts, but should be accompanied by related items, or you can choose an electronic Aquarium.

two vases, ceramic ornaments, art, best buy a few dozen hostess likes flowers, can be used as home furnishings.

third, carbon carving, wood carving, bone, it is best to send a more exquisite Bridal jewelry.

four, murals, straw painting, great pictures, and add artistic taste and atmosphere for the bedroom.

five, the high-end art tea set, advances master conservation tasting, in the living room is a beautiful scenic place.

six, jade jewelry, ward off evil fortune, Geely, father mother must like to relatives and friends.

seven, sent bonsai, pot, this is the blessing of home moving company in Shenzhen Special referrals. Saxifrage, send fresh, smooth, durable; red nasal spray: send auspicious sign and so on.

eight, in its own economic conditions following indoor application appliances can be sent, for example, small ovens, microwave ovens.

several gifts are referred to above is the blessing of home moving company in Shenzhen to summed up without spending too much money, so friends and relatives can also be like, really is two birds with one stone.


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