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All airports of Okinawa US military relocation

&Nbsp;     2006 years, Japan and the United States Government on the restructuring of the US forces in Japan plan to reach an agreement. According to the plan, the US futenma would be moved from the Centre of densely populated ginowan to Nago, Bian Yegu area and economically developed areas in return of 6 American military bases in the southern island of Okinawa to Japan. Meanwhile, the United States also deployed 8,000 Marines from Okinawa who was stationed in Guam, so as to reduce of the Okinawa base. Of course, Japan must also pay for the burden of the Government cost. This is to pay for the moves to 6.09 billion dollars in the plan. According to the United States to introduce, 6.09 billion dollars just moving us Marines in Okinawa to Guam's total cost of one-third.

    of course, Japan, money is not the main problem. Problem is that people request that futenma in Okinawa completely moved out of Okinawa. Repeated delays in the relocation of becoming stuck in a fish bone in the throat of Japan-US relations. According to the US forces in Japan plan on the restructuring of US Marines moved to Guam is linked with the futenma relocation issue. Futenma is not progress, move to the plan has been put on hold. Japan and the United States Congress every year in recent years as the two countries move to plan a special budget, and most of this money has not been used. Last year United States Congress has cut this budget in full. In January, the United States announced a new defence strategy, decided to slash the defense budget and reduce the number of ground troops. In this context, the United States decided to Marines in Okinawa moved to the plan as soon as possible, moved to Guam from 8000 to 4700 people, while the remainder took turns stationed in Hawaii, Australia and the Philippines, and so on.

       beauty this adjustment may give Japan left behind many problems. First, the United States will be moved to the planned relocation of the futenma marine issues, will lead to the relocation of the futenma plan goes, people of ginowan to live always in the noise and risk. Second, the United States will move to Guam have declined by almost half, whether other staff will move out of Okinawa as promised, the United States returned the southern island of Okinawa as originally planned at 6: base? also, after modifying the reconfiguration plan mean that Japan can save a little money, the United States would request Japan's contribution for other places. Author: moving companies, Shenzhen, Futian, Shenzhen Company    peer copycat shameful!


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